Why Should You Give?

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will need to collect more than 250,000 units of blood and blood components to supply the patients in this region. Every single day, 700 people need to make whole blood donations to keep the blood supply at optimal levels. There is no substitute for this life saving gift; so, when you need blood, there is only one place to get it from another human being who is willing to share the "Gift of Life."

A single donation of whole blood can help to save the lives of three different patients. Donors often respond when there is a special need, but blood centers mostly depend on donors who are willing to give regularly to meet day-to-day blood needs.

Unless more people become blood donors, the blood supply will not keep pace with the growing demand. Although 60% of the population in the United States is eligible to donate blood, only 5% is willing give. Someday, your life may depend on the availability of blood. To assure that blood will be there when you need it, give now, and encourage others to become regular volunteer blood donors.

How Can I Give the Gift of Life?

For more information about donating blood (eligibility, specific location information, etc.) and about Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, visit our web site at www.giveblood.org or call (713) 790-1200.