We know that undergoing hospital procedures or tests can be stressful for you and your family members. For this reason, we try to help you prepare. Before your visit, your doctor will provide specifics you need to know. In addition, we offer the following general information about what to expect prior to and the day of your visit.

Before Your Procedure or Test

  • Physician Referral: Most outpatient procedures require an order from your physician. If you need a physician, contact our Physician Referral line at (713) 222-CARE (2273), or visit the Physician Search.
  • Pre-Registration: Online registration is available for many procedures.
  • Location: To find a Memorial Hermann hospital near you, see our Locations.
  • Food and Drink: During a procedure or test, it may be necessary to have an empty stomach. You may be asked to not eat or drink anything after midnight (including water, gum and candy). Please verify this with your doctor prior to coming to the hospital.

Day of Your Procedure or Test

To ensure you are ready for your visit, be sure to follow doctor's instructions on preparing for your procedure or test. Please plan to arrive early for registration, and allow extra time for parking.


  • Contact your doctor to obtain results.
  • For billing information, refer to Patient Billing.
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