Financial Counselors: Here for You

If you have questions about financial assistance, Memorial Hermann has financial counselors available at each of our hospitals. They can help to evaluate your eligibility for federal and state programs, including Medicaid, Social Security Insurance and COBRA Assistance. They can also check to see if you qualify for aid under our Financial Assistance Policy.

What is the Financial Assistance Policy?

Memorial Hermann has a Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) to provide financial assistance to patients in need. The purpose of our FAP is to provide the framework under which financial assistance will be granted to patients receiving care provided by Memorial Hermann. The FAP applies to all emergency or medically necessary care provided by Memorial Hermann. The FAP is not binding upon providers of medical services outside of the hospital and does not apply to services delivered by affiliated physicians.

You can access Financial Assistance applications on Memorial Hermann’s website under Financial Assistance Program. You can also request a free paper copy of these documents in the Emergency Center and Registration Areas.

Choosing a Health Care Plan

The Affordable Care Act allows you to compare health insurance plans and prices so you can find the plan that best fits your needs and the needs of your family.

Below are links to resources to compare plans:
Phone: (855) 953-5524
Get America Covered
Affordable Health Insurance Plans
Phone: (833) 313-0730
Phone: (844) 896-1057

Uninsured Discount Policy

For patients who do not meet the FAP requirements and are expected to pay for services, Memorial Hermann hospitals in the Greater Houston area offer an Uninsured Discount. This is similar to the discount provided to patients with managed care insurance coverage. All uninsured patients (excluding those receiving cosmetic procedures, fixed fee pricing or other designated “package price” procedures) will be given the Uninsured Discount. All estimates provided to uninsured patients will already reflect their out-of-pocket costs after applying the Uninsured Discount.

Good Faith Price Estimates and Financial Resources