About Memorial Hermann Health System

As a large health system in Texas with 15 hospitals, Memorial Hermann Health System offers several pharmacy residency programs at our various hospitals. Each program offers its' residents unique exposures in regards to hospital type (academic vs. community hospitals), bed size, patient population, practice model and/or training specialty (PGY1 vs. PGY2 vs. PGY1/PGY2/MS).

Memorial Hermann Health System is proud to offer these exceptional residency programs!

Please note that although there are ample opportunities for the residents of the individual programs to collaborate, each of these programs include a specific program contact person, separate application, and interview process.

“Our goal at Memorial Hermann is to develop pharmacists who are able to succeed in today’s competitive and ever changing health care market. Our residencies prepare our residents with the tools they need to be effective clinicians, patient advocates, and leaders in the profession. We are committed to continuing to grow our residency programs and ensuring the best learning opportunities for our residents. Each of our programs offers something unique for our residents to cater to a variety of professional interests.”
Binita Patel, PharmD, MS
VP of Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy Residency and Clinical Experiential Programs

Memorial Hermann Hospital System - Greater Heights and Southeast

This PGY1 pharmacy practice program is a collaborative between two of the Memorial Hermann community hospitals (Greater Heights Hospital and Southeast Hospital).

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center
Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital
Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center - Health System Pharmacy Administration
Memorial Hermann Pharmacy Services
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