Memorial Hermann Health System is committed to elevating clinical practice and empowering clinicians to lead and shape the future of nursing through professional growth and development. Our goal for nursing and clinical education is excellence in advancing health and personalizing care by:

  • Providing effective and efficient clinical education services and resources for all clinical disciplines
  • Sustaining the next generation of clinical and translational workforce as well as incorporating innovative and blended learning methods
  • Creating a sustainable infrastructure for clinical expertise development and competency for the delivery of high-quality care

Nursing and clinical education at Memorial Hermann is organized in four functional units:

1. Interprofessional Clinical Competency Training and Education

Memorial Hermann is committed to facilitating the progress of every member of the health care team toward ongoing professional competence.

Whether the team member is newly hired or currently employed, we provide the most up-to-date support for each learner. Opportunities, tailored to their needs, focus on increasing levels of competency and learner accountability along with opportunities for practice-based learning, self-assessment and individualized learning. 

2. Academic Affiliations and Partnerships

To ensure that health science students are equipped with the skills they need to care for patients, Memorial Hermann partners with multiple health science academic institutions for clinical training at the certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and post-baccalaureate levels. We also provide clinical experiences for health science students enrolled in academic institutions across the country. 

Professional career development pathways through academic partnerships, for both internal and external participants, bridge the gap between academic and clinical practice competencies and prepare the student for a career in health care. In addition, Memorial Hermann is involved in health science education community outreach activities designed to expose younger students to opportunities in the health science professions and encourage them to pursue a health care career.

3. Post-Professional Transition to Practice

Memorial Hermann offers transition to clinical practice programs that provide specialized training through residency and fellowship curricula. Whether an individual has recently graduated or brings years of experience, these programs focus on basic and advanced skill acquisition that improves competence, confidence, efficiency and safety.

Through the Post-Professional Transition to Practice Center, Memorial Hermann is investing in the future of the health care industry and the professions of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and respiratory therapy by providing a strong, evidenced-based career foundation.

4. Professional Development and Knowledge

Focused on further education of practicing health care professionals, Memorial Hermann’s continuing education program offers a variety of professional development and educational activities in different formats, tailored to meet the needs of every learner.

Our continuing education program is certified by national continuing education accreditation councils for numerous disciplines, including medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and speech-language pathology.

Our Vision for Nursing and Clinical Education

Memorial Hermann aims to be a national leader in providing best-in-class clinical education across all disciplines, encouraging team-based care and influencing clinical practice that meaningfully improves the health of our communities.

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