Memorial Hermann Health System is committed to the goal of serving our patients, physicians, employees and the communities we serve in an ethical, legal and responsible manner. Further, Memorial Hermann is committed to providing all services in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as with our own policies and procedures. We are particularly sensitive to requirements applicable to federal health care programs and the submission of accurate billings.

The Standards of Conduct, as well as all statutes, regulations, guidelines, and Memorial Hermann policies and procedures must be observed by everyone, including employees, medical staff, vendors and contractors. No one, regardless of position, will be allowed to compromise adherence to the Standards, statutes or regulations. Failure to comply can result in serious damage to our standing in the community, regulatory action against the corporation and any individuals involved, and employee corrective action.

If you have questions about these Standards or about any Memorial Hermann policies or practices, you should raise the questions with your supervisor first. Our supervisory staff has been charged with a special obligation to be available and responsive to employees when questions arise about adherence to the Standards. If the response received from the supervisory staff does not resolve the issue(s) concerning applications of the Standards, you are invited to address your concerns to higher levels of management, Human Resources, the Compliance Helpline or the Chief Compliance Officer.

The Standards of Conduct adopted by Memorial Hermann are intended to ensure that we meet our compliance goals in a highly regulated business environment. The Standards are designed to provide general guidance, and do not replace the policies and procedures of the corporation. For additional guidance and direction regarding the Standards, refer to Memorial Hermann Policies and Procedures. The Standards are a “living document,” which will be updated periodically to respond to changing conditions. Therefore, Memorial Hermann reserves the right to modify or amend the Standards at any time.

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