MHiE Physician Information Exchange

Receiving the right health care begins with having the right information in the right hands.

Now you have the opportunity to make sure all of your health care providers have access to your most up-to-date health care information, so you can receive the best possible care.

It's called MHiE, the Memorial Hermann Information Exchange. A free service for patients, MHiE uses a secure, encrypted electronic network to maintain your digital medical records all in one place so they're easily accessible by health care providers that are Exchange Members.

MHiE securely and electronically moves your health information among authorized physicians, specialists and health care organizations. The types of information exchanged in MHiE include allergies, medications, immunizations, vital signs, test results, chronic conditions and more.

Key Reasons to Sign Up for MHiE

  • Puts your health information in the right hands
  • Improves coordination of health care
  • Leads to improved quality and safety of care
  • Expedites care in case of an emergency
  • Gives faster access to diagnostic results
  • Safely secures your lifetime health records in one place

FAQ Information Exchange (MHiE)

How do I Enroll in MHiE?

To sign up for MHiE, you simply sign a consent form when you visit each of your participating health care providers and health care organizations. Once a provider has received your consent, they will be authorized to submit your health information to MHiE.

How do I leave MHiE if I change my mind?

Enrolling in MHiE is voluntary. If you choose to stop participating, any information already in the system will be blocked from access. To end participation in MHiE, you will need to contact MHiE at (713) 456-MHiE (6443).

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