Reading to ChildrenAs a leader in health and wellness for more than 110 years, Memorial Hermann recognizes that there are many organizations doing tremendous work for the underserved, often with limited resources. These organizations provide a high level of expertise, fluidity, and depth of service in working with their particular populations and communities. By actively partnering with these organizations, Memorial Hermann furthers its vision of 100 percent access to basic care and improving the health and enriching the lives of adults and children residing in Southeast Texas.

To amplify the collective impact on a community, Community Benefit programs are collaborative in nature. Partners are carefully selected based on their shared values and measureable impact on the community.

Current community partners include:

Each organization is a proven leader committed to resolving the most pressing social issues in the Houston community. Additional partners include: federally qualified health centers and private not-for-profit clinics, social service agencies, institutes of higher education, and professional associations.

Partner With Us

For more information on how you or your organization can get involved in building a community-based infrastructure to provide care for the uninsured and underserved, call (713) 338.5983

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“It really does ‘take a village.’ It is very rewarding to know that by working together with our community partners, we can harness the amazing collective energy, talent, and resources of several organizations to improve the health of those who need it most.” – Carol Paret, Senior Vice President and Chief Community Health Officer