At Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, we are here for your entire family. In fact, we’ve been caring for The Woodlands and surrounding communities since 1985. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists and other allied health care professionals are focused on the specialized needs of growing children with an emphasis on quality and customer service.

What Makes Children’s Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Special?

Child in Woodlands Pediatric Unit
  • Full-time pediatric subspecialists right here in The Woodlands, on our campus including:
    • adolescent medicine
    • pediatric cardiology
    • pediatric gastroenterology (G/I)
    • pediatric imaging
    • pediatric neurology
    • pediatric endocrinology
    • pediatric ophthalmology
    • pediatric orthopedics
      • Club Foot Clinic
    • pediatric rehabilitation
      • Physical therapy, occupation therapy and speech/swallowing
    • pediatric urology
  • Three area emergency rooms equipped and ready to treat your entire family
    • Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center
    • Memorial Hermann 24 HR Emergency Care across from Walmart on Woodlands Parkway (near FM 2978)
    • Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center in Spring on the Grand Parkway near Kuykendahl Road
  • Memorial Hermann | Go Health Pediatric Urgent Care next to Trader Joe's (10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily)
  • Specialized high-risk pregnancy care through affiliated maternal fetal medicine trained OB/Gyn physicians.

The Health Care Team

Our skilled health care team with specialized training in the care of children and infants includes:

  • Physicians (affiliated neonatologists, pediatric hospitalists, pediatric radiologists and other pediatric subspecialists)
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Child Life specialist
  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists
  • Lactation consultants
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Pediatric pharmacist
  • Pediatric dietitian
  • Social workers
  • NICU discharge coordinators
  • Chaplains
  • Pet therapy
  • Other health care professionals

Richard Rivas, MD Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Richard Rivas holding babiesIn our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) our medical staff cares for infants at any gestational age, including the capability to provide conventional and high frequency mechanical ventilation.

Our medical staff neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners lead a specialized team of nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapist, physical therapists, speech therapists, lactation consultants, pharmacists and social workers who work together to care for your baby.

Our NICU staff will provide specialized treatment in a patient- and family-centered care environment with an open visitation policy to encourage and support your involvement in the care of your baby.

About Richard Rivas, MD

Our NICU was rededicated as the Richard Rivas, MD Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after the unexpected passing of Dr. Rivas in late 2013 after a cycling accident. Dr. Rivas was a long-time neonatologist at our NICU and lead the unit to the tremendous growth and reputation that it has today.

Inpatient Pediatric Unit

Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center features a 6-bed, dedicated Pediatric Unit. The unit is staffed with affiliated pediatric hospitalists and subspecialists. It includes a playroom with toys and video games for pediatric patients. The Pediatric Unit is designed around the principles of family- and patient-centered care. Each room features a sleeper sofa so a parent or loved one can spend the night. There are decorative, whimsical elements to make kids feel more at home in the hospital environment.

Miracles and Milestones Clinic for Pediatric Outpatient Therapy (Ages birth to 3)

Welcoming a new baby home from a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a major milestone for the whole family. Along with feelings of joy and excitement, it is not uncommon for parents to experience some apprehension, especially if the baby was born prematurely or has additional medical needs.

We are the next step in the continuum of care for babies graduating from the NICU or considered at-risk for developmental or feeding delays. Infants who are born prematurely may face difficulties when they reach school age. Without early intervention, children may struggle with learning, behavior, motor and social skills in the classroom. At the Miracles and Milestones Clinic at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, babies and toddlers receive the follow-up care they need to help better establish a developmental foundation for the future.

Miracles and Milestones specializes in providing care for high-risk and medically fragile infants from birth to age 3. Our focus is developmental or feeding assessments and treatment. We work proactively to address the whole child, from a comprehensive developmental perspective to determine both immediate and potential long-term needs. We also utilize developmental check-ins to track progress and provide important feedback between clinicians, medical specialists and parents.

Our specialized team is here to monitor growth and development to identify the need for early-intervention services to support babies in achieving their developmental milestones. We strive to reduce or eliminate the need for long-term therapy services if possible. Combining an evidence-based therapeutic approach with compassion and family education, provides parents the necessary skills and support.

Specialty follow-up and early intervention for at-risk infants and young children starts with a thorough developmental and feeding evaluation. Depending on your child’s unique needs, our providers may recommend:

  • Physical Therapy: Promotes independence in motor skills and mobility during the first three years of life.
  • Occupational Therapy: Advances fine motor and feeding skills, including bottle and breast feeding with transition to solid foods.
  • Speech Therapy: Addresses language, cognitive and feeding skills development. Speech therapists also administer clinical and instrumental swallow studies as warranted.

If you have a referral from your child’s physician, you can schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Please call Miracles and Milestones at (713) 897-7745. If you need a physician order, we can send information to your physician about our clinic and services. Miracles and Milestones is located on the campus of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, in Medical Plaza 2 at 920 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 490.

TIRR Memorial Hermann-The Woodlands for Outpatient Therapy (Ages 4+)

For ages 4 and older, TIRR Memorial Hermann - The Woodlands offers an array of specialized pediatric rehabilitation therapy programs in an outpatient setting. TIRR Memorial Hermann has one goal in mind, getting these young patients back to the life they love surrounded by family and friends.

From childhood, adolescence through adulthood TIRR Memorial Hermann supports a wide variety of pediatric issues: spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke, spasticity management, weight management, neuropsych services and more.

Need a Referral?

If you need a referral to a pediatrician or any of the services available at Children's Memorial Hermann at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, call (713) 897-5959.

Pediatric Preemie Place of Houston

Preemie Place, located on the campus in Medical Plaza 4 at 9180 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 310, is a multidisciplinary clinic for babies and children up to age three.

The Preemie Place phone number is (832) 616-4360.

Wolf Park and Playground

Kids playing at Wolf Park PlaygroundThanks to the support of generous donors like the Wolf Family, and also our employees and affiliated medical staff, we were able to create and open Wolf Park and Playground in 2017. The park is outside of the NICU and Family Life Center and alongside Medical Plaza 1. It is open to visitors, patients, employees, volunteers, and medical staff alike. There you will find playground equipment featuring developmental attractions, picnic areas with hand-painted artwork, and tiles painted by NICU graduates and their siblings at NICU reunions.

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