Quick Reference Information for Referring Physicians

Pediatric Subspecialists

Children's Pediatric and Neonatal Transport Team/Transfer Center - (713) 704-2500 or (713) 704-5433

Our specialized transport service is available 24 hours a day to patients from infants to 18 years of age. Our team has access to ground abundances, Life Flight and fixed wing air transportation.

Pediatric Emergency Center - (713) 704-3476

The Red Duke Trauma Center is a certified Level I adult and pediatric trauma center providing 24-hour-a-day care to more than 16,000 children a year.

Direct Admit - (713) 704-3636

In order to direct-admit a patient, contact Bed Management.

Central Scheduling - (713) 704-6500

To refer a child for outpatient laboratory testing

Outpatient Imaging - (713) 704-2830

Call for Radiology Procedures including MRI, X-Ray, etc

Medical Records/Health Record Management - (713) 704-3600

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