Child riding on an ATV

ATVs and Your Children: Dangerous Terrain

In the fiscal year ending in June 2013, the emergency room at Children’s Memorial Hermann treated 112 patients for ATV-related incidents.

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two people hiking

How to Prevent Stings and Bumps

Most people know someone allergic to bee stings. But did you know that mosquitos, flies, fleas and tarantulas can also cause allergic reactions?

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Doctor sitting in a chair

Kids and Concussions

The number of concussions among U.S. high school athletes more than doubled between 2005 and 2012. On a positive note, many experts think these statistics reflect parents’ and coaches’ growing knowledge about concussions, rather than an actual increase in these traumatic brain injuries.

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Applying sunscreen to a child's arm

On the Spot: Melanoma and Children

Most of us associate skin cancer with adults, people who have spent years exposed to the sun. But over the years, Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, director of Pediatric Surgical Oncology at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, has witnessed many cases of melanoma in kids.

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Kid playing soccer

Raising an Athlete

Practicing organized sports has a multitude of benefits for children. It can help them to build strong bones, develop cognitive skills, build self-esteem, learn to set goals, and practice leadership skills. There are, of course, some risks children can face.

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Child drinking water from  a bottle

Heat Safety

For children of all ages, summertime can be ideal for outdoor activities with family and friends. With time spent outside in the sun and summer heat, it is essential to take steps to prevent sun and heat risks that can impact kids’ health.

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Family on beach

Sunburn 101

Sunburn 101 covers all you need to know in this helpful guide that takes you through meaning, symptoms, care, and even prevention.

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Kid life jacket

Water Safety Tips

To help your kids stay safe and healthy, it is important to learn water safety tips and ways to avoid potential dangers, such as drowning.

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Mother and child watching fireworks

Five Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe This Summer

Ah, summertime is here! Summer’s outdoor activities and celebrations often involve spending more time in the sun and using fireworks.

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