Woman and child looking at tablet

Kids and Technology

It is difficult enough for adults to manage the constant barrage of technological innovations thrust upon us every day – We asked Erin Dempsey about the challenges technology presents for her family every day.

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Classroom with teacher and children learning

Kindergarten Ready

The idea that children are automatically ready for school based on their year of birth has become a somewhat controversial topic. Here are tips on how to ensure your child is prepared to start Kindergarten.

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Child standing in bathroom

Potty Time

Potty training can be a nerve-wracking time for parents and kids alike. Pediatric specialists have identified several “emotional prime times” that affect children’s likelihood to leave diapers behind.

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Woman looking down at baby

Step by Sweet Step

Babies grow and change so rapidly, it’s normal to want to hit the pause button and savor every sweet minute. It’s also normal to wonder, amid all these changes, whether your little pride and joy is developing, well, normally.

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children raising hands in classroom

Send Your Kids Back to School Safely

Back-to-school-safety tips for parents of students including traveling to and from school, tips for school supplies, and playground safety.

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