In the past few years, it has become increasingly evident that concussions can cause serious long-term neurological damage if not treated properly. Athletes in high-impact contact sports are particularly at risk, with one in 10 suffering a concussion during any sports season.

Your best weapon in managing a concussion is the recognition that one has occurred. Learn the symptoms and get any suspected head injury evaluated by a physician trained in the diagnosis and management of concussions. The highly skilled concussion specialists at the Memorial Hermann | Rockets Sports Medicine Institute are experts at providing a thorough evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages. These physicians can also provide the return-to-play authorization required for junior and senior high school athletes attending public schools.

Our Sports Concussion Program Includes:

  • Concussion awareness training for Houston area physicians, athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and school nurses
  • Saturday clinics around the city to assess sports injuries
  • On-field concussion evaluation tools
  • Pre and post-concussion neurocognitive testing, in both paper/pencil and computerized formats, facilitated by trained specialists
  • Direct access to medical experts for treatment of concussions and head injuries, and personalized recommendations on return-to-play guidelines and academic and/or work modifications
  • Medication management, when necessary, to help with persistent concussive symptoms
  • Extensive experience with pediatric patients as young as 6 years of age
  • Strength and conditioning specialists who can guide athletes in neck strengthening exercises which may reduce concussion risk
  • Ongoing research and clinical trials to discover answers to real-world problems experienced by athletes of all skill levels 

Concussion Education, Awareness, Prevention & Intervention

The multi-disciplinary team of concussion specialists at the Memorial Hermann Memorial Hermann | Rockets Sports Medicine Institute’s Sports Concussion Program includes athletic trainers, physicians specializing in primary care sports medicine, experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and neuropsychologists who can provide referrals to affiliated neurologists and neurosurgeons. Our team is focused on helping athletes recover from their concussions and return to their sport safely.

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