Nuance Gel Pillows MaskThe Nuance is a gel pillow mask with a lightweight, minimal design that allows patients to sleep freely during CPAP therapy. Covering only the nostrils, it comfortably seals the opening of the nose and delivers air directly into the nasal cavity.


  • Revolutionary gel pillows cushion the cheeks for comfort and seal.
  • A soft gel ring creates a seal around the base of the nose – not inside – and reduces nasal irritation.
  • Gel padded frame – either cloth or silicone – provides stability during the night.


  • Inlaid headgear tabs allow quick and easy adjustment.
  • 360° rotating elbow features whisper-quiet exhalation.
  • Lightweight tubing minimizes drag during sleep.


  • Because there's no forehead support, users can read or watch TV before going to sleep.
  • Small and lightweight enough to pack easily for travel.
  • Just four parts makes the Nuance easy to maintain.

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