SeQual Eclipse 5The SeQual Eclipse 5 transportable oxygen concentrator provides a proven solution for almost all oxygen users, regardless of their oxygen prescription or health condition. Its advanced clinical features include high pulse settings that deliver the highest pulse dose of any transportable oxygen concentrator. The SeQual Eclipse 5 allows unlimited ambulation for patients and an all-in-one solution for oxygen delivery both in and outside the home.

Flexible Use

  • Doubles as both a stationary and portable concentrator.
  • Delivers continuous settings up to 3 LPM and high-pulse doses with adjustable settings from 1-9.
  • Only transportable oxygen concentrator that allows for a customizable pulse dose.


  • 4 lbs., including battery and cart.
  • Works on both AC and automotive DC power so it can be easily recharged anywhere.
  • 4 hours of battery life at 2 pulse; 2 hours of battery life at 2 LPM continuous flow.
  • Removable cart with telescoping handle for easy, one-handed adjustment.

Reliable Oxygen Delivery

  • Advanced pulse delivery can saturate high continuous flow patients.
  • Robust and reliable internal components minimize failures.
  • Produces 90% oxygen (-3%/+5.5%) at all continuous and pulse flow settings.

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