Airsense 10 MachineThe AirSense™ 10 CPAP is designed to help sleep apnea patients comfortably adjust to therapy. It is part of ResMed Air Solutions’ fully integrated system that provides seamless therapy and health care informatics, from initial screening through every stage of therapy.

Makes Sleep Apnea Therapy Easy

  • User-friendly controls and intuitive interface.
  • No complicated settings or menus.
  • SmartStart™, a feature that begins and ends therapy automatically.

Offers Minimum Intrusion

  • Easy-Breathe motor provides quiet surroundings.
  • Built-in ambient light sensor adjusts to the brightness of the room.
  • Back-lit screen turns off automatically and won’t disturb others when turned on in the middle of the night.

Includes Convenient Special Features

  • AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection delivers low pressure initially to help users fall asleep easily, then gradually increases pressure delivery to achieve prescribed level based on patient need.
  • Integrated HumidAir™ provides consistent humidification throughout the night.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity monitors activity and interfaces with health care informatics.

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