Ultrafill Home Oxygen SystemThe advanced UltraFill Home Oxygen System meets the needs of both mainstream and high-usage oxygen patients. It includes a stationary oxygen concentrator, UltraFill station and high-capacity 3,000 PSI cylinders.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Oxygen Supply

  • Generates oxygen and fills cylinders at home, eliminating recurring oxygen deliveries.
  • Long-lasting 3000 PSI cylinders provide 40 percent more oxygen than similar-sized 2000 PSI cylinders, requiring fewer tanks and allowing users to go longer before changing tanks.
  • Permits oxygen therapy at the same time as filling tanks.

Patient-Friendly Use

  • 50 percent quieter than comparable devices, letting users easily converse, watch TV or hear ambient noises with minimum interference.
  • Fill-level indicator shows the level of oxygen as the cylinder is being filled.
  • Partial fill feature allows top-off of partly used containers.
  • Simple one-handed connection and disconnection make it easy for anyone to handle.


  • Compatibility with other concentrators, oxygen conserving devices and regulators reduces extra costs for additional equipment.
  • Fill-level indicator with auto shut-off uses 40 percent less power.
  • Low-maintenance design requires fewer service calls and additional savings.

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