SeQual Eclipse 5 Replacement BatteryThe SeQual Eclipse replacement battery is designed for use with any Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator. Each replacement battery provides several hours of power, depending on the flow rate and setting on the oxygen concentrator.

Easy Change-Out

  • Intuitive release allows battery to easily be removed from the Eclipse system.
  • Extends the time that a user can stay away from regular AC or DC power sources.

Battery Life and Recharge Options

  • Up to 4 hours of continuous flow therapy.
  • Up to 5 hours of pulse dose therapy, depending on concentrator flow rate and settings.
  • Portable unit works on both AC and automotive DC power so it can be easily recharged anywhere.
  • Stand-alone charging available with the Eclipse desktop charger.


  • Can be used with all Eclipse 1, 2, 3 (AC charge only) and 5 (AC and DC charge) Oxygen Concentrators

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