DreamStation CPAP MachineThe user-friendly DreamStation™ Auto CPAP from Philips Respironics includes a variety of advanced features designed to optimize both the comfort and effectiveness of sleep apnea therapy. Smaller and more lightweight than many CPAP machines, the DreamStation also offers more monitoring choices.


  • SmartRamp monitors the user and increases pressure only when an event occurs. (A traditional ramp is also available.)
  • Opti-Start option begins therapy at 90% of the pressure reached in the user’s previous session.
  • Auto On/Off detects if the user has the mask on or off, and starts or stops therapy accordingly.
  • C-Flex, C-Flex+ and A-Flex pressure relief options create a more natural breathing pattern during therapy.


  • Front-facing color display has a large dial for navigating menus; an ambient light sensor adjusts screen brightness.
  • Tray-style filters slide in and out for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • A mask fit check feature monitors airflow and provides feedback to the display indicating when a proper fit is detected.
  • Daily feedback to help track progress includes easy-to-understand data about nightly use.


  • Bluetooth® is integrated on every device, with optional Wi-Fi and cellular modems available.
  • The DreamMapper™ patient self-management system delivers detailed feedback to smartphones, tablets or computers.
  • Performance check simplifies in-home device evaluation and reduces the incidence of service for normally functioning devices.

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