• Benedict Ifedi

    How Student Athletes Can Stay in Shape and Stay Safe During the Summer

    Dr. Benedict Ifedi, primary care physician with Memorial Hermann Medical Group, gives tips for how student athletes can stay in shape and stay safe during the summer. This includes working out outdoors in order to stay acclimated to the heat and proper hydration and nutrition. Dr. Ifedi also addr...

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  • Rockets Visit TIRR

    Houston Rockets Visit Patients at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital

    Boban Marjanović of the Houston Rockets visited patients at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital. The visit included interacting and playing basketball with patients on the sports court, visting patients in the therapy gym and visiting patients on the unit.

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  • TIRR Mobility Clinic

    TIRR Memorial Hermann Mobility Clinic

    In recognition of Limb Loss Awareness Month, TIRR Memorial Hermann hosted a walking and running mobility clinic for people with an amputation, regardless of their walking level, to try different movements and connect with other amputees in the community.

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  • Houston fencer brought back to life at Memorial Hermann after sudden cardiac arrest

    Houston Fencer Brought Back to Life at Memorial Hermann After Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    August Skopik went into sudden cardiac arrest in Houston during a fencing match. Paramedics raced August to Memorial Hermann Memorial City's Cath Lab with Dr. Daniel Hermann, an interventional cardiologist. Now, Skopik is back to fencing competitively. Video of him fencing can be found here.

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  • What You Need to Know About Essential Tremor

    What You Need to Know About Essential Tremor

    Board certified neurosurgeon Sam Javedan, MD, at Mischer Neuroscience Associates in The Woodlands, is using MRI guided focused ultrasound to treat Essential Tremor, a neurological condition that causes involuntary shaking. While medications and deep brain stimulation are still used to treat Esse...

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  • TBI Patient Reunites with Memorial Hermann Life Flight

    Traumatic Brain Injury Patient Reunites with Memorial Hermann Life Flight

    16-month-old Harper Hartline was trying to climb up into a golf cart on the evening of July 29, 2023 when she fell off and hit her head on the sidewalk. Her Dad Braden, who is an orthopedic surgeon, immediately assessed her and she seemed to be okay. He kept watch over her for the next several ho...

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  • Teddy Bear Clinic

    Teddy Bear Clinic

    In the face of a parent’s cancer diagnosis, children often grapple with fear and uncertainty. To address this, Memorial Hermann’s Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center at The Woodlands, in collaboration with Wonders & Worries, hosted a heartwarming event: the Teddy Bear Clinic. This u...

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  • Rhonda Trotter

    Rhonda Trotter | Nurse Appreciation

    Rhonda Trotter dreamed of becoming a nurse for over 30 years. After becoming a mother at a young age, Rhonda started working with the United State Postal Service and establishing a career for herself there. Despite a successful career, she still was determined to one day reach her goal. Rhonda wa...

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  • adaptive jiu jitsu event

    Adaptive Jiu Jitsu

    Catherine Murray, Manager of Rehab at TIRR Memorial Hermann, speaks about how Memorial Hermann promotes inclusivity at an adaptive jiu jitsu event in Houston. There is plenty of b-roll to accompany the interview.

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  • Tongue tie surgery thumbnail

    What to Know About Tongue Tie Surgery

    According to the New York Times, many lactation consultants and dentists have promoted tongue-tie releases for babies who are struggling to breastfeed. This has led to an influx of patients asking Dr. Matthew Greives, pediatric plastic surgeon affiliated with Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital,...

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  • Common Threads Ask a Chef thumbnail

    Common Threads Ask a Chef

    A new program, Ask A Chef, sponsored by Memorial Hermann and Common Threads, is designed to teach people in underserved neighborhoods how to cook healthy affordable meals. It’s all part of Memorial Hermann’s vision to create healthier communities, now and for generations to come.

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  • Cardiac Rehab Workout B-Roll thumbnail

    Cardiac Rehab Workout B-Roll

    When he got to the hospital, doctors said that Frank had suffered serious vascular damage, which prohibited blood flow in his body. He was told he was going to lose his leg. Dr. Aleem Mirza, a vascular surgeon with Memorial Hermann, was able to restore blood flow to his leg and save it. Francisco...

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  • Dr. Greives Character Head Wraps thumbnail

    Dr. Greives Character Head Wraps

    Dr. Matthew Greives makes the patient experience easier by creating innovative superhero and character head wrappings for pediatric craniofacial patients.

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  • Southwest Hospital Exteriors

    Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Exteriors

    This b-roll includes exterior shots of Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, including outdoor signage, Medical Plaza 1, Medical Plaza 2, the emergency center entrance and the Heart & Vascular Institute.

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