In recent years, health care has been evolving from a system focused on the volume of services delivered to one that prioritizes the overall value of the care provided — that is, achieving high quality outcomes at the lowest cost. This shift is driven by health care’s Quintuple Aim of enhancing employee and physician well-being; prioritizing the patient and consumer experience and engagement; promoting health equity and improving access to care; delivering coordinated, collaborative, high-quality care that includes disease prevention; and reducing the total cost of care.

As the largest nonprofit health system in Houston, home to the world’s largest medical center, Memorial Hermann Health System is uniquely positioned to help transform health care for the future.

We recently partnered with Dr. Stephen Spann, Dean of the College of Medicine and vice-president for Medical Affairs at the University of Houston, and the Houston Business Journal to survey local business leaders’ perspectives on the state of the health care industry, their understanding of value in health care and their perceptions surrounding health equity. Read the full report »

The survey revealed that Houston business leaders, especially larger employers, have a favorable impression of the health care industry. It also highlights increasing awareness among business leaders that health care providers are embracing an approach to value-based care, which focuses on delivering quality care at an affordable cost.

The transition to value-based care is an important step in achieving health equity, meaning that every member of the community has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Driving health equity begins with understanding it, and the survey results show that approximately half of business leaders correctly identify health equity as access for all, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or any other criteria. At the same time, a majority of respondents understand that issues surrounding health equity could impact their employees.

Business leaders are a catalyst for improved outcomes in health care. Employers across multiple industries can consider the Quintuple Aim of health care as a framework for enhancing employee wellness —and improving the health of the entire community.

After all, good health and economic strength go hand in hand.

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