In support of the quintuple aim to promote population health, focus on the patient experience and, in so doing, decrease the cost of care, Memorial Hermann Health System has partnered with its affiliated physicians of the Clinical Programs Committee (CPC) and the Clinical Care Redesign (CCR) program to decrease variation in the delivery of care across the system. 

We recognize that standardization of care delivery minimizes the risk of error, promotes patient safety and ensures that equitable and patient-centric care is offered consistently at every Memorial Hermann facility.

To facilitate this standardization, patient care guidelines and pathways have been designed to serve as maps and directions for the patent’s journey while in the hospital.  These guidelines and pathways have been developed using evidence-based practices and nationally recognized standards of care. Our efforts are intended to ensure the care we provide optimizes reliable, high-quality outcomes for our patients who receive these services.

Our Value Outcomes Reporting reflects our organization’s continued commitment to provide high-quality, affordable care to our members, patients, and communities equitably and safely, while protecting our healthcare workers and patients from harm. Below are examples of Memorial Hermann’s performance on current national quality and safety measures with links to national best practices. 

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