Dr. Callender headshotAt Memorial Hermann, we believe that our vision – to create healthier communities, now and for generations to come – can be achieved through an expanded focus on health and well-being and a commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion that begins within our walls and extends into the neighborhoods where we live and work.

Today, as one of Houston’s largest employers, we offer a number of programs designed to help our employees achieve their personal and professional best in an environment that is open and welcoming for all, no matter your background or identity.

As a community-owned health system with a mission to improve health, we are also actively working to address social determinants of health and become part of the solution in improving health equity within the Greater Houston community. Through efforts aimed at expanding access to care, eliminating health inequities and lowering the cost of care, we are leading the way for a more sustainable health delivery model that puts patients and communities at the center of everything we do.

As I put on my Memorial Hermann badge every morning, I am reminded of how honored I am to be a member of our wonderfully diverse family and how I proud I am of our employees, leaders, physicians and volunteers for their commitment to our EDI journey. With our values – Community, Compassion, Courage and Credibility – leading the way, every member of our workforce can play a part in creating a workplace, community and world where every voice is heard, included and respected.

David Callender, MD
President & CEO

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion