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The multidisciplinary team of experts within Mischer Neurosciences are experienced in the most advanced treatments for the many diseases, injuries and conditions that can affect the spine and or spinal cord. They work closely with each other and with patients to help ensure top-level patient care and quality outcomes.

The spine serves as your body’s main support, with 33 bones that are stacked together. The spinal cord is encased in the bony vertebrae of the spine, and consists of a long bundle of nerve cells and fibers that reach from the base of the brain to the lowest part of the back above the tailbone. It relays signals from the brain to the body and back again, affecting the body’s ability to move at every level. In addition to allowing you to twist, turn, stand upright and bend, the spinal column protects your spinal cord.

There are three different regions of the spine:

  • The cervical region, which includes the neck segment
  • The thoracic region, which includes the chest-level segment
  • The lumbar region, which includes the lower back segment