Shared Governance

Shared Governance is an organizational, decision-making model, founded on the principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership that form a culturally sensitive & empowering framework1.

The model empowers involvement of the nurses and interprofessional colleagues, incorporating commitment to the value of facilitative leadership and shared decision-making among key stakeholders.

Shared governance improves the professional practice environment, while promoting partnerships among employees, patients, families and providers, resulting in improved satisfaction and outcomes across the Memorial Hermann Health System.


Memorial Hermann Health System invests significant resources into programs and services demonstrating our commitment to the diverse communities we serve.

Keeping a community healthy requires more than hospital care. Memorial Hermann Health System nurses go beyond the bedside to advance care and promote a culture of health through volunteer work.

Our nurses have a long tradition of understanding and engaging with the community to build harmony and trust while improving the health of the residents of Greater Houston and surrounding areas.


1 Tim Porter-O'Grady, 2003

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