Initial Nutrition Consultation: $140

This package includes a personalized nutrition consultation, along with an optional body composition analysis. The package is for athletes who want to learn how to fuel for their specific sport or for those looking to make a change to their dietary habits or body composition.


Race Nutrition Package: $240

This package is designed for athletes who want information and guidance in developing a race nutrition plan.

Advanced Nutrition: $450

This package is designed for those who want to change their eating habits and body composition, and need more consistent assistance and accountability. Athletes prepping for a competition or race can also benefit from the advanced nutrition package. The package will provide personalized nutrition counseling to help clients achieve their goals.

  • Pre and post body composition analysis
  • Initial nutrition consultation
  • Four 45-minute follow-up nutrition consultations scheduled within six months of initial consultation
  • Unlimited email support during the package and 30 days after the final meeting

Comprehensive Nutrition: $700

This package is designed for athletes training for an upcoming competition or race. It can also be beneficial for individuals in need of a lifestyle change with specific guidelines and extensive nutrition education.

Nutrition & Strength Package: $750

This package is perfect for those looking to make a change to their health and physique through nutrition and strength training. The package offers the opportunity to initiate a nutrition program along with a follow up consultation to ensure the program understood and working properly. In addition to nutrition, a strength and conditioning program will be included to meet the needs of the clients personal goals. To measure results, a body composition analysis will be performed at both the start and conclusion of the package.

A La Carte Options

Initial nutrition consultation


Single, 50-minute follow-up nutrition consultation


Body composition, includes estimated Resting Metabolic Rate


Resting Metabolic Rate measurement


Add a Body Composition to any package for $40, and add a Resting Metabolic Rate measurement to any package for $60.

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