Cholesterol is classified into two types: high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). A diagnosis of high cholesterol is most often related to an unhealthy rise in LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, you have likely already tried to treat it with statin medications that work to lower the lipids (fats) in your blood. However, if your LDL cholesterol levels have not responded to these drugs, Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy can help with non-statin medications with special delivery methods.

What Are Non-Statin High Cholesterol Therapies?

Statin drugs are often prescribed for patients with high cholesterol or who are at risk for heart attack or stroke. Statins are highly effective and generally safe, although you may experience some side effects, such as muscle pain, and digestive issues.

If you do not see optimal results with the use of statins and a change in diet, your doctor may prescribe non-statin therapies as an alternative. MemorialHermann Specialty Pharmacy offers the two most frequently prescribed non-statin treatment medications, Rephata and Praluent. (1)

Non-statin therapies lower LDL cholesterol via different pathways and mechanisms and are often prescribed if you have existing evidence of, or are at high risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke.

Why Do I Need a Specialty Pharmacy for These Medicines?

Non-statin treatments differ from traditional statin treatments. Instead of taken orally, non-statin medications must be injected under your skin. In addition, both medications need to be refrigerated. Because these two drugs work differently than statins, you should understand associated side effects and how the drugs may interact with your other current medications.

Pharmacists with Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy, in conjunction with your physician, can answer your questions and provide you with access to the financial assistance you may need to start treatment. As a specialty pharmacy, we can send your medication via mail and provide regular updates about refill and delivery dates.

Can Memorial Hermann Help with My High Cholesterol Medications?

Unlike traditional retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies can help you understand the following related to injectable medications:

  • How to use medications
  • How to store medications
  • What happens when medications are left out
  • How to transport them safely on airplanes

The staff at Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy are committed to helping you easily integrate any needed specialty medications into your life, and we invite you to call us for a comprehensive initial consultation, as well as any follow-up consultations.

Due to the high cost of non-statin medications, insurance companies hesitate to authorize their use unless you have previously tried more traditional therapies. They may also want to know details about past medications, including:

  • Duration of treatment
  • Side effects
  • History of lab results and cholesterol readings
  • Other disease states
  • Other important health information

How Can Memorial Hermann Help Me Afford My Medication?

Memorial Hermann frequently deals with complicated specialty medications. We understand how frustrating the process of paying for your medication can be, especially if you do not have private health insurance or are dealing with the aftermath of a tough diagnosis.

Our process involves working with your primary care provider, cardiologist or other prescribers to get the right medications approved to help with your treatment. We also work to connect you with co-pay discounts, grants and foundations to help pay for your medications. Because we have access to many of the newest drugs, we are quick to respond to changes and get access to newer, lower-cost versions of medications when they first become available.

Why is Integrated Health Care Important?

As a fully integrated part of the Memorial Hermann Health System, we have immediate access to health records and information from care providers. We can quickly get the required information – such as medical or prescription records – requested by private insurers with little to no turnaround time. In addition, your doctor will have up-to-date information about your prescriptions, including when they have been filled, delivered and refilled.

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Non-statin treatments for high cholesterol do not have to be out of reach due to price or because they are complicated to use and store. At Memorial Hermann, we believe in making sure you have confidence in your medication and will do what we can to help you get your prescriptions quicker and at a more affordable price. To learn more about our services, contact us today at (833) 234-MHSP (6477) or fill out the form below.

(1) For Important Safety Information including risks and side effects, please visit Praluent and Repatha websites.


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