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Experienced clinicians are ready to connect with you. We routinely follow-up with you to talk about side effects, issues you are facing, questions that you have, and arranging your refills. Support that you can trust and understand to find affordable medication therapy. We are here for you.

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Your specialty pharmacist will work directly with your team. Here’s how we can help:

  • Collaborating with your physician
  • Helping to speed insurance coverage decisions and prevent delays
  • Making sure you receive the right medication when you need it, and
  • Communicating with you every step of the way.

Your Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacist can also help you save money. Some medications can be expensive. We work closely with your team and connect you with the treatment options and resources that fit your life situation.

You may be eligible to receive drug company copay cards, patient assistance discounts, or referral to assistance programs

They also help you save time by coordinating free delivery when and where you need it, leveraging our expertise to avoid potential delays, and contacting you when it is time for a refill.

We offer personalized care and support. Our experienced pharmacists and care coordinators work with you to get started and support you through your ups and downs, 24 hours a day.

Local Quality

Accurate, timely and coordinated service with free delivery to your doorstep so that it works for you.

Financial Assistance

Our experts understand the difficulty that patients face and are ready to help create a plan for you. We connect with your insurance, assistance programs, and other options for making your medications more affordable.

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Experience the difference. As part of the Memorial Hermann family, we work directly with your doctor to coordinate your care.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Generally high-cost, injectable, oral, infused, or inhaled medication. They can be self-administered by a patient or administered by a health care provider. They can be given in a clinic, doctor’s office or in the patient’s home. They may have special storage or handling requirements such as needing to be refrigerated. They may be complex in terms of how and when to use them and they may have side-effects that require close monitoring by a healthcare provider. They often require routine follow-up with a healthcare provider to see how well they are working and how well they are treating the disease. They often require more patient education and engagement. Finally, they may not be available at retail pharmacies.
A specialty pharmacy fills prescriptions for specialty medications. Unlike retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies have advanced programs for patient education, routine follow-up to understand and treat side-effects, home delivery, insurance benefit management, patient assistance programs, and tools for helping patients to be successful with their therapy.
Memorial Hermann Specialty Pharmacy is part of the Memorial Hermann Health System, is local to Houston and has spent considerable time working with Memorial Hermann and affiliated doctors to coordinate your care. Clinical experts in your disease state provide advanced care and are fully motivated to make you successful with your therapy.
Free home delivery is provided for all patients. In some cases your medication will be given by a healthcare provider in a doctors office. These medications will be delivered to your doctor at no cost.
Every patient receives care tailored to their needs including benefits investigation, assistance services, in-depth education, clinical monitoring and follow-up, delivery coordination, and access to a pharmacist when they need it. Please see our Specialties page to learn more about the diseases that we treat.
We work with your insurance company to provide you clear information about what they cover and how much your medication will cost. We bill your insurance for you and we work hard to make your medications affordable for you through patient assistance programs, discount cards, and local funds that may provide financial assistance.
We know this is a major concern for many patients. It is common for patients to be responsible for part of the cost of their medications even if they have insurance. Our financial coordinators work closely with you to make your medications as affordable as possible and will help coordinate your payment.
Our pharmacy offers a number of resources to help you learn how to inject your medication. A specially trained staff member will provide guidance over the phone during your initial consultation, walking you through safe, comfortable administration. We also provide educational literature and information with your medication shipment.
It is important to properly dispose of expired medication or other medication you are no longer taking. For up-to-date information on how to dispose of medication, please visit one of the following websites: FDA or Dispose My Meds.