Benefits of Having a Primary Care ProviderYour primary care provider (PCP) helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, identifies and treats common medical conditions, and is connected with specialists if you need a referral for additional care. Having one central point of contact for all of your medical history and information is extremely valuable for streamlining your care, efficiently and comprehensively.

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Personalized Care

When one provider sees you for everything from colds and immunizations to blood-pressure control, they get to know your specific needs, and it can be easier to talk about sensitive health topics. Having a history with your provider means you don’t need to explain that you have heart disease in your family or repeatedly list the medications you take…because he or she already knows. All of your personal health information is kept in your centralized medical record with your PCP.


Primary care is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of health services, including preventive care and screenings, care for chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma or hypertension, and care for acute problems like coughs, fever or digestive issues. Your dedicated PCP is there for the expected, the unexpected and everything in between. Having a pre-established relationship can speed up office visits and prevent delays in care.

Health Maintenance

If you are healthy, let’s help you stay healthy. Your PCP is in a unique position to help you avoid future health problems because he or she knows your complete history. Based on your health information, your PCP can determine whether you are at an increased risk for conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, and can help you take steps to prevent conditions from developing or progressing.

Early Detection

When a health problem is detected early, you are likely to have more treatment options. Regular checkups with your PCP give you the opportunity to identify concerns before they progress into more serious conditions. Having a dedicated provider who knows your health history can have a positive impact on your care, and speed up the diagnosis and treatment processes.

Coordination of Care

If you need care from a specialty physician, your PCP can recommend someone who will be a good fit for you and your family. A trusted relationship with your PCP gives you a true health partner who can quickly coordinate any additional care you may need.

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