Adult Volunteers

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must volunteer one three- or four-hour shift per week for one year.
  • Service hours can begin at any time during the calendar year.

Teen Volunteers

  • Must be 15 to 17 years old (15 by the first week of June and attending high school in the fall).
  • Program requirements and restrictions apply. Please see the Teen Volunteer Program for more information.

With your patience we will be able to accommodate you.

Training takes place mostly during the business day. If your desire is to work during the evenings and/or weekends, you will need to arrange your schedule so that you are able to attend our orientation and daytime unit-based training.

You must be at least 15 years old to volunteer. Teens must turn 15 by the first week of June and begin high school in the fall. No exceptions.

Our volunteers have a wide range of contact with a variety of staff members, however, the volunteer program is not structured to provide a shadowing/observational experience.

This process can take 2-4 weeks to complete. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our patients with a thorough screening process, which includes a health screening and criminal background check.

Volunteers will be selected to attend an orientation and participate in 20 hours of initial volunteer training at our information desks. Once the 20 hours are complete and a volunteer is ready to move to a specific unit, a second tailored training will begin which specifically covers the volunteer’s duties within the department or hospital unit.

We appreciate the gesture but, due to patient confidentiality and infection control policies, we are not able to accommodate group volunteering in our hospitals on a short-term basis. If your group is interested in doing a project for the hospital, please contact the Volunteer Services Office at for group activities that can benefit the patients and staff at our hospital.

Please email the Volunteer Services office at to inform us of your donation so that we may discuss an appropriate time for drop-off. You should inform Valet Parking that you are dropping off a donation to Volunteer Services. Please note that in most cases, donated items must be new and should NOT be gift-wrapped in order for us to distribute the items.

  • Toiletries: deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, preferably small or travel-sized
  • Socks and Underwear: Women's underwear (new) needed in all sizes, as well as athletic socks and footies
  • Clothing: T-shirts, elastic-waist pants (like pajama pants or sweatpants), and sports-bras are needed in all sizes. Often our patients' clothing is damaged or must be cut off of their body when they come to the hospital
  • Coloring Books: Coloring Books (or drawings that you have Xeroxed and stapled together) with a snack-size baggie attached in which you have placed a few crayons
  • Stuffed Animals: Stuffed animals are appreciated by all of our patients, children as well as adults
  • Crossword Puzzles and Word Finds: Create your own, or provide the purchased variety. Please include a pencil (one-time use mechanical pencils are best, as patients/family members probably will not have access to a pencil sharpener)
  • Craft/Activity Kits: Assemble simple craft/activity kits that have all pre-measured, pre-cut supplies included in a Ziplock bag with a small direction sheet (cross-stitch, needlepoint, bead activities, bracelet-making thread, leather lacing activities)
  • Stationery: Note cards, envelopes, or postcards. Please include stamps.
  • Blankets: Small throws or lap blankets, receiving blankets for newborns

Because our patients come from a wide variety of religious, political, and social backgrounds, we require that all donations be religiously and politically neutral.

If you wish to donate something not on this list, please email for more information.

All donations will be acknowledged. If you deliver your donation, fill out a donor form and we will mail you an acknowledgement letter. If you are sending a donation, please include your name, address, and phone number, and we will mail you a letter of acknowledgment. We do not specify dollar amounts on our acknowledgement letters.

Will someone pick up my donation?

Due to staffing and transportation limitations, we are not able to pick up your donations. However, in-kind donations can be mailed to Volunteer Services, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, 6411 Fannin, Houston, TX 77030-1501.

Due to infection control issues and safety guidelines, we are only able to give our patients newly purchased toys. It is recommended that donated items be in original packaging.

No food (including candy) may be given to the patients. Many of our patients are on dietary restrictions and cannot have certain foods. Please do not bring any edible donations to the hospital. We also ask that you not include any food with other donations.

Corporate and special group events and donations requests are taken on a case-by-case basis. If you and your group are interested in hosting an event or dropping off a non-monetary donation to benefit the patients and families at Memorial Hermann-TMC & Children’s Memorial Hermann, please reach out to Volunteer Services at

If you or your group are interested in performing at the hospital, please email for more information.

Contact Us

Volunteer Services
Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center
Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital
6411 Fannin St.
Robertson Pavilion, Suite 320.8
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: (713) 704-4141