A gloved hand holds a vaccination record card; in the background is a syringe and a medical face mask.

February 26, 2021

One. COVID-19 can cause uncomfortable symptoms, long-term disabilities or death—and there is no way to know how it would affect you. Even before you know you’re sick, you could spread the disease to family, friends and others. The results could be tragic.

Two. Vaccines are the ultimate enforcer against viruses, including the coronavirus. They ramp up your internal natural defenses so you’re ready to fight COVID-19 if you’re exposed.

Three. Vaccines can save your life and others. Vaccinated, you can do your part to stop the pandemic in its tracks. We must achieve at least 70% to 80% herd or community immunity to give the coronavirus nowhere to go.

Four. The coronavirus cannot spread as effectively or quickly if enough people get vaccinated. It dies out, rather than killing others.

Five. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine itself.

Six. Soon, getting vaccinated will be easier: Doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical clinics and grocery and other retail pharmacies will administer vaccines.

Seven. COVID-19 vaccines are free. The federal government foots the bill, whether you’re a legal resident or not. Getting vaccinated is a win for you—and America.

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The information in this article was accurate as of February 26, 2021.

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