Memorial Hermann workplace safety programs reduce work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses. Additional benefits include reduction in time lost on the job and increased productivity. The aim of any safety program is to prevent injuries in the first place. Being prepared when injuries happen is equally important. Memorial Hermann offers effective protocols for handling emergencies and proven programs designed to help employees successfully return to work after illness or injury.


Memorial Hermann WorkLink is committed to partnering with businesses and industries to provide comprehensive, cost-effective injury management services. This includes ongoing network development, case management, utilization management and medical claims bill review to specifically meet customer needs. From the moment an on-the-job injury occurs until your employee is back to work, our WorkLink© program offers case management, medical oversight, utilization review and bill review services for Houston-area employers. WorkLink provides comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for your occupational injury needs, including:

Case Management

Communication is the key to effective case management. As the employer, you will be kept up to date on the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Modified duty options will also be used in each appropriate case. Our goal is to return the employee to work as soon as possible, while reducing the occurrence of re-injury through objective work task evaluations and proper treatment. We ensure that your employees get the appropriate care.

WorkLink's clinical case management services reduce lost work time and medical costs by:

  • Returning the employee to full or modified duty as soon as medically appropriate
  • Minimizing legal complications and providing case documentation
  • Coordinating and monitoring the employee's medical treatment plan and its utilization
  • Utilizing WorkLink's PPO networks
  • Facilitating case closure

Utilization Review

By combining claim activities into one easy-to-access program, we ensure all treatment is pre-authorized and the care is appropriate for the injury diagnosis. Our review process examines all documents and analyzes the use of medical resources. Integrating medical management within one system allows us to monitor treatment patterns for appropriateness and ensure that utilization thresholds are maintained.

Medical Director Services

WorkLink is pleased to have medical oversight from onsite medical directors, which enhances the communication with our team. Medical director services include:

  • Individual peer reviews
  • Medical review officer (MRO) services
  • Case management and utilization direction

Medical Bill Review

To further the cost-containment process, WorkLink offers Medical Bill Review services. Our bill review program works in conjunction with our PPO network. We are able to manage all financial aspects of an occupational claim. We examine provider bills to determine if charges are reasonable and appropriate. We can examine provider bills for Texas subscribers and non-subscribers, nationwide workers’ compensation, or those groups operating under the Longshoreman Act or Jones Act.

Occupational Injury Provider Network

For our non-subscriber clients (those opting out of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Program), WorkLink will customize a network of providers. Our providers are contracted through WorkLink and can be matched to your specific occupational health needs, locations and work schedules. Each site will have access to primary care physicians who will get to know you, your company and your employees. Employees benefit by receiving quality treatment in a quick and convenient manner. Employers benefit by utilizing a network of physicians who are experienced in successfully treating employees with occupational injuries and helping them return to work.

TDI-Workers' Compensation Certified Provider Network

Texas Workers' Compensation subscriber clients have the opportunity to utilize our certified network. Our TDI-certified health care provider network encompasses 11 counties* with widespread growth potential. This network provides employees with the top physicians and specialists in the area and ensures employers the most cost-effective treatment.

*The 11 counties include: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Orange, Walker and Waller.

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