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Signing up for genetic testing at no cost through Memorial Hermann genoME™ can help you learn about your genetic risk for certain health conditions and what you can do to stay healthy.

Discover What Your DNA Can Reveal About Your Health

The more you know about your health, the more you may be able to do to protect it. That’s what genoME™ community health research program is all about. At the intersection of science and caring, Memorial Hermann is using genetic screening to help pinpoint potential health issues that could impact your health in your lifetime—or your children’s. Developed through the strategic collaboration between Memorial Hermann and our genomics partner Helix , this community health research program, aims to uncover important information about your DNA. This may include helping to understand or predict how your body responds to diseases, and medications, or if you’re at risk for certain cancers or heart disease. By utilizing this information, our aim is to help prevent or combat disease, so you and others may be able to live a healthier life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

genoME™ is a community health research program supported by Memorial Hermann to help improve the health of the patients and the community we serve. Through no-cost genetic screening, the program looks at how your DNA could impact your health. The information we gain may help us improve personalized healthcare and support new research discoveries.

genoME™ aims to enroll 100,000 Memorial Hermann patients or individuals in genetic screening at no cost to participants.

As part of the genoME™ program, a secure genetic research database will be developed in collaboration with other partners of Helix, a leading population genomics company that Memorial Hermann is working with. The genetic information in this database may lead researchers to discover the causes of certain diseases and how to treat them more effectively while helping Memorial Hermann improve the standard of health care for all patients.

Click the Join genoME™ button to express interest in participating in the program. You will have the opportunity to learn more about participating in the research program, read the informed consent form and if you agree to participate, provide your information to receive a DNA saliva collection kit at home that you will return for genetic screening.

You will receive the results of your genetic screening within approximately 12 weeks.

Together, you and your health care provider will receive health results from the genetic screening that will indicate if you have inherited certain risk factors in your DNA. If your results show you are at an increased risk for certain conditions, a member of the Memorial Hermann study team will contact you about your results and you will be able to schedule a genetic counseling appointment at no cost to you or your insurance.

Your health care provider may refer you to a specialist for more information, genetic counseling and/ or additional screenings, if needed.

Typically, the process takes about 12 weeks: From enrollment in genoME™, to receiving your saliva collection kit, to registration and submission of your kit for testing, to receiving your test results.

When it comes to your health, knowledge can be power. The earlier you know you’re at risk of a disease, the more you may be able to do to combat it. Earlier detection of disease risk may lead to better treatment outcomes and healthier results.

genoME™ is a community health research program that may help put you in control of your health and your future:

  • Discover your genetic risk for certain cancers and heart disease
  • Learn more about your regional ancestry.
  • Uncover personal traits such as sleep patterns, caffeine sensitivity and more.
  • Support innovative treatments and research breakthroughs made possible through genoME™ and other genomic studies

It’s your health. It’s your future. Protect it. Join genoME™.

The information you contribute to genoME™ will be used by researchers to study a wide range of questions around how DNA can impact health. The databases created in this research program will be used for future research by our genomics partner Helix, by us, and by other members of the Helix Research Network. That means, by agreeing to participate in the study, you are agreeing to have your information included in future research projects that are approved by us and by Helix.

Researchers outside of the Helix Research Network may also study your coded information and samples but will not have access to information that directly identifies you. These researchers may work for health systems, universities, government agencies, companies like drug companies and other foundations or groups interested in research. Any sharing of information outside of the network will be carefully reviewed and approved to make sure it is ethical, secure and protects your privacy.

We may share discoveries that are made by genoME™ researchers through our website and newsletters.

Individuals who are eligible to participate in genoME™ will receive and must sign a research informed consent that further describes how their information will be used.

About genoME™

genoME™ is a community research program designed to learn more about DNA and its connection to your health. Researchers will study DNA from 100,000 Houstonians or individuals that choose to participate to see if any patterns are linked to increased risk of disease now and in the future. This information may lead to early disease detection and improve your health and the health of future generations. By participating in genoME™, you can play an important part in helping create a healthier community.

Who's Involved

The genoME™ project is a collaborative effort between the institutions listed below:


genoME™ is a community health research program of Memorial Hermann Health System, one of the largest, nonprofit health systems in Texas. With more than 260 care delivery sites throughout Greater Houston, including 17* hospitals, Memorial Hermann is working to create healthier communities, today and for generations to come.


Memorial Hermann has teamed up with Helix, a leading population genomics company, to provide genetic information to you and your provider for proactive health care planning.

For questions or comments, please email

*Memorial Hermann Health System owns and operates 14 hospitals and has joint ventures with three other hospital facilities, including Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood and Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy.