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Signing up for genetic screening at no cost through Memorial Hermann genoME® can help you learn about your genetic risk for certain health conditions and what you can do to stay healthy.

Discover What Your DNA Can Reveal About Your Health

The more you know about your health, the more you may be able to do to protect it. That’s what the genoME® community health research program is all about. At the intersection of science and caring, Memorial Hermann is using genetic screening to help pinpoint potential health issues that could impact your health in your lifetime—or your children’s. Developed through the strategic collaboration between Memorial Hermann and our genomics partner Helix , this community health research program, aims to uncover important information about your DNA. This may include helping to understand or predict how your body responds to diseases, and medications, or if you’re at risk for certain cancers or heart disease. By utilizing this information, our aim is to help prevent or combat disease, so you and others may be able to live a healthier life.

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genoME® FAQs

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About genoME®

genoME® is a community research program designed to learn more about DNA and its connection to your health. Researchers will study DNA from 100,000 Houstonians or individuals that choose to participate to see if any patterns are linked to increased risk of disease now and in the future. This information may lead to early disease detection and improve your health and the health of future generations. By participating in genoME®, you can play an important part in helping create a healthier community.

Who's Involved

The genoME® project is a collaborative effort between the institutions listed below:


genoME® is a community health research program of Memorial Hermann Health System, one of the largest, nonprofit health systems in Texas. With more than 260 care delivery sites throughout Greater Houston, including 17* hospitals, Memorial Hermann is working to create healthier communities, today and for generations to come.


Memorial Hermann has teamed up with Helix, a leading population genomics company, to provide genetic information to you and your provider for proactive health care planning.

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*Memorial Hermann Health System owns and operates 14 hospitals and has joint ventures with three other hospital facilities, including Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood and Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy.