Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients are ready for inpatient rehabilitation when their medical conditions have been fully diagnosed, their medical status has been deemed stable and their acute medical issues are resolving. The patient needs to have the ability to tolerate three hours of therapy, at least five days per week, as well as the ability to willingly and actively participate. Patients with a condition or treatment that interferes with the ability to participate in therapy may require a stay at another level of care before coming to Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy.

An individual is admitted only after a thorough pre-admission screening has been conducted by our nurse liaisons and he or she has been deemed appropriate for admission both medically and financially.

Yes! All of the patient rooms at Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy are private. They are also all equipped with large, accessible restrooms, color televisions with cable access and a telephone.

All patients are encouraged to eat meals in the dining room area as part of their ongoing therapy. Family members are also allowed to eat in the dining room. Guest trays can be provided on a limited basis. Please see the "on-duty" charge nurse for assistance.

The amount of time a patient is hospitalized depends on the patient's therapy progress and goals, as well as his or her medical needs. The interdisciplinary care team will meet weekly to review progress against goals and determine the length of time necessary to meet any remaining milestones.

A patient's estimated discharge date will be determined during the first week of admission after being fully evaluated by the care team. However, during a patient's stay, the estimated discharge date can be extended or moved up depending on patient progress and appropriateness for inpatient rehabilitation.

Each patient's care is managed by an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified individuals with specialized training in the field of rehabilitation. The team, led by a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, rehabilitation nurses, pharmacists, social workers, case managers, dietitians and respiratory therapists. Each team member contributes to the overall care plan for the patient.

All patients are assigned to a physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor and to an internal medicine doctor. We also have an impressive roster of doctors who can offer consultative services in a wide variety of specialties.

One nurse is assigned to care for six patients.

The goal for acute inpatient rehabilitation is to provide a minimum of three hours of therapy per day, at least five days a week. Weekend therapy is also offered depending on individual needs and abilities. Practice on the patient care unit and opportunities with rehabilitation nursing are also important components of the rehabilitation program.

Discharge planning starts before admission to help focus goals toward the best plan for treatment. The interdisciplinary care team will make recommendations for discharge based on the patient's medical needs and level of functional ability. Recommendations will be made in a way that encourages the patient's functional independence in the least restrictive setting possible, while keeping in mind patient safety and caregiver responsibilities.

Our case management and social work staff will assist with coordinating any post-discharge needs to ensure a seamless transition to the next level of care. We assist with arranging doctor follow-up appointments and will coordinate any special equipment needs that you may have as well.

Referrals and Admissions

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