What do I wear the day of my surgery? 

Wear large comfortable clothing. Wear large and loose button-down shirts if you are having shoulder surgery and short or loose pants if you are having knee surgery. Please view our pre-surgery guidelines for more information. 

Is there a place for my family member to sleep in my room? 

Each patient’s room is furnished with a fold out sofa for your family member to get a good nights rest during your hospital stay.

Where do I check in the day of surgery? 

The day of your surgery you will check in at the Business Services desk that is located just off the lobby to the left.

How will my family know when I am out of surgery? 

When you check in at the surgical front desk, we will provide your family with a pager that is accessible throughout the entire hospital. The pager lights up and vibrates to alert your family that there is an update about you or that you are out of surgery.

Are children allowed in the hospital? 

Yes, children are allowed in the hospital.There is a waiting room on the first floor as well as a play room off of the main lobby on the first floor.

Where can my family eat? 

Family and visitors may dine for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our Fountain’s Café conveniently located on the first floor of the Medical Tower. Our bistro style café is a sunny place that looks out to our unique fountains where your visitors and family can order a specially prepared meal. The café also offers a coffee bar as well as vending machines. 

Will I have to pay for parking? 

We offer free parking in our parking garages that are just steps from the front door.

Who do I contact to make my physical therapy appointments? 

You can contact our Concierge Department and they will assist you in making your appointments. If your physician instructs for you to have physical therapy before you are discharged, the Concierge Department will also make these appointments for you.

What should I bring on the day of surgery? 

Please visit our pre-surgery guidelines to view all the necessary information regarding what to bring, what to eat the night before, what to do about your medications you take, etc.