"When I was 14, I loved playing volleyball, tennis and basketball. So I was surprised when my school nurse noticed a hump on my side. She said I should see a doctor.

Mya's StoryMy mom took me to my pediatrician and then more doctors, who diagnosed scoliosis. My spine was curved in an S-shape. They said I needed surgery, but my mom said no at first. She was scared.

But she met Dr. Lindsay Crawford, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and she trusted her.

My scoliosis was so bad, I did need surgery. Otherwise, the curve was only going to get worse and cause other problems.

Dr. Crawford did the surgery the summer before I went to high school. Then I did therapy at Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation to get strong and learn to walk again.

That was eight years ago, and I feel like a new person. I’m planning a life in the military. I passed the Army Combat Fitness Test with flying colors on my first try. It was pretty challenging, but I knew I could do it."

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