HOUSTON (May 24, 2021)

Memorial Hermann remains committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, physicians, and other members of our workforce, as well as patients and their loved ones. Effective Monday, May 24, Memorial Hermann has modified its visitor policy to allow additional loved ones to help patients in their healing journey.

At this time, there are no changes to Memorial Hermann’s screening or masking requirements.

The following modifications are being made to the system-wide visitor policy. Any exceptions to this policy will be managed by facility.

  • Acute care facilities, TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital, Katy Rehab and PaRC will allow two adult visitors (18 and over per patient) and one adult overnight visitor.
  • Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital will allow two parent/guardian visitors per patient, per day and two parent/guardian overnight visitors. This applies to pediatric and laboring patients. Antepartum and postpartum patients will be allowed two adult visitors per patient per day and one adult overnight visitor.
  • Age restrictions do not apply to visitors under 18 who present in the Emergency Center with a patient. Minors accompanying a patient may stay with the patient.
  • One adult (18 and over) visitor per day for patients in contact isolation. No visitors for patients in droplet, airborne or a combination of isolation precautions.
  • Family members may visit patients in hospice or supportive medicine care.

Memorial Hermann’s outpatient facilities, including Memorial Hermann Imaging Centers, Memorial Hermann Breast Care Centers, Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation locations and Memorial Hermann Medical Group clinics will continue to enforce a no-visitor policy with the following exceptions:

  • Pediatric patients 18 months and older at these facilities can have one adult accompanying them. Pediatric patients under 18 months can have two parents/guardians accompanying them.
  • OB patients are allowed one adult visitor for OB and ultrasound appointments.
  • TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Rehabilitation and Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy Outpatient Rehabilitation will allow one parent/guardian visitor per pediatric patient.
  • Patients visiting the TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Medical Clinic are allowed one adult visitor.

University Place, a Memorial Hermann Skilled Nursing Facility and independent adult living community, continues to adhere to the state’s guidelines for nursing center visitation.