HOUSTON (February 29, 2024)

Memorial Hermann Health System is now offering genoME®, a community health research program that, through genetic testing, can help a person determine how their genetic profile could impact their future health. The test is available at no-cost for all participants.

Developed through a strategic collaboration between Memorial Hermann and Helix, this program aims to uncover important information about a person’s genetics that could impact their risk for certain conditions like breast and ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and high cholesterol, as well as the health of their children.

By aiming to identify health risks before symptoms arise, providers and patients can make proactive decisions on care, with a potential to delay, reduce or even prevent detrimental health effects. The program will also provide Memorial Hermann and its research partners with genomic data that will have lasting implications for critical health discoveries and improvements to patient care.

“We believe that this type of program is an important resource that will hopefully arm patients with the knowledge they need to ultimately improve their long-term health,” said Dr. James McCarthy, executive vice president and chief physician executive for Memorial Hermann.

Participants in the program will receive a DNA saliva collection kit at home that they will return to Helix for genetic screening. Once received, Helix will complete the sequencing. Results are available in about 12 weeks.

“By detecting potential health risks early through DNA testing, we hope to help motivate patients to take control of their health,” McCarthy said.

With an anticipated 100,000 participants, this will be one of the largest population health programs in Texas. If you would like to find out about your future health, visit genoME® to start your journey.