The transition to retirement living can be difficult to navigate. There are several considerations for you and your family to make throughout the process. Luckily, there are a number of excellent resources to help you and your family make the best decisions for your health and well being.

Easing the Move to Retirement Living

Deciding to move to a retirement community can be overwhelming. If you're about to downsize your life by taking this step, following these tips can make the transition easier:

  • Know where you're going. When choosing a facility, visit beforehand if possible to talk with residents and staff members. Check out the type of room or apartments, and collect brochures and other materials about the facility so you can learn more about it before making a decision.
  • Start packing early. Since your new home may be smaller, you'll need to choose which belongings will come with you. Bring items that will make your new home comfortable and familiar, such as photo albums and keepsakes. Consider bringing a cherished piece of furniture, such as a favorite chair.
  • Hold on to some "just-in-case" items. If you aren't sure whether to part with certain belongings or bring them, tuck them in storage or ask your family to hold on to them. That way, if you still want them later, they'll be available.

After you move into a facility, put "making friends" at the top of your to-do list. Becoming active as soon as you arrive can help you feel happier with your new home. Talk with your new neighbors and make a point to join in the social activities.

Hurricane Preparedness

Emergency Planning For Severe Weather Threats

Being situated close to the gulf coast region of Texas, Harris County and the City of Houston will always have significant exposure to the risks associated with severe weather, especially the risks that come during a lengthy storm season which runs from June 1 through early November but sometimes extending into December.

According to the Harris county Flood Control District, the zip code that University Place is in (77074) is within a 100-year flood zone. This, coupled with the large retention pond adjacent the facility, minimizes the risks associated with flooding. Since the facility is well inland, far removed from mandatory evacuation areas in Houston, TX (the storm surge zone), it shall be the policy during the approach of tropical storms and hurricanes to weather the emergency within the two buildings comprising University Place Retirement Community.

University Place is not situated in any of the three evacuation zones that have been identified for hurricanes, regardless of which category. This being the case, we would not anticipate being required by government authorities to evacuate even under the direst predictions. Only structural failure to the building itself, or, in the case of complete failure of our local sewage system, would evacuation be contemplated. In the event that evacuation becomes necessary, our plan relies upon our health care system and its hospital resources to accommodate residents that would have to be relocated.

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