The 6 C’s of Transplant

Begin your education with learning new perspectives of living and preparing for life with a transplant.

Physical Therapy Perspective

After every surgery comes a recovery, but you can prepare before transplant as well.

How will I pay for my transplant?

There are many things insurance does and does not cover. Learn the differences and what you can do now to plan for the financial future of your transplant.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition is a key part of a transplant, start today to learn more about how to make those changes.

Heart and Lung Medications

There are many medications you will be on after transplant. This presentation is the start to learning that new routine.


Discover the spiritual side to transplant and how it impacts on your overall wellbeing.

The Hospital Experience

Our nurses are passionate about helping you along your transplant journey. This presentation will help you know more about a your daily life while in the hospital.

Pre and Post Heart/Lung Transplant

Take a look at what a life with a new transplanted lung(s) or heart will look like, and what you will need to know to be successful after a transplant.

Thank you for your interest in The Transplant Center at Memorial Hermann. It is important that our patients take part in their preparedness and education in order to have a successful transplant and post-transplant life. If you have any questions feel free to call the social workers or your transplant coordinator at the Center for Advanced Heart Failure at (713) 704-4300.