Resolution Reset

One Resolution Worth Sticking To

If the same old resolutions don’t work for you, join the club. And then join Resolution. Memorial Hermann’s team of dietitians, physical trainers, doctors and wellness professionals will step up to the plate as your personal coaches during this free, four-week program.

Whatever your health or fitness level, Resolution offers tangible tips and tools, including healthy meal plans, H-E-B® grocery lists and shopping integrations, live-streamed workout classes with Athlete Training + Health, a custom voice app for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, guided meditations and virtual events.

Get ready to say "so long" to unmet resolutions and "hello" to a healthier lifestyle.

Let's do this. Together.

You have resolutions.
We have solutions.
Let's get started.


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Food Resolution Sign Up

We’ll weed out notorious pantry saboteurs while figuring out how to create meals that satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family. Your favorite Houston chefs—including those from Tony’s, Dish Society, Churrascos and Savor + Sweat—will share healthy versions of their cherished recipes.

Solution: Healthy meals that actually taste good
Workout Resolution Sign Up

If you’ve lost your motivation and mojo, our ATH trainers will offer easy-to-do workouts for everyone—not just the slender or strong. Whether you join our live-streamed classes or access pre-recorded videos, Resolution requires nothing more than WiFi and willpower.

Solution: Workouts you won’t dread
Mental Health Resolution Sign Up

The joys of entering a new decade quickly gave way to COVID-19. You may be drained physically and emotionally from 2020—we get it. Think of Resolution as the ultimate mental tune-up. We’re Team You. And you’ve got this.

Solution: Unplug to recharge
Community Resolution Sign Up

We’re here to connect you with like-minded Houstonians—people who are as inspired to reset their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as you are. Through weekly virtual events like cooking classes, guided meditations and workouts, we’ll put the social back in social media.

Solution: A community that’s got your back

Easy does it

We've done the legwork to make this program as easy as possible.

H-E-B Resolution Sign Up

Whether you prefer curbside, delivery or in-store shopping, we've got you covered with our H-E-B integration

Alexa Resolution Sign Up

Meal plans, workouts, meditations—all tailored to your needs and all voice-integrated. Hey, Alexa, what's for dinner?

A taste of what's to come

The program more than 60,000 Houstonians know and love.

Let's Eat

Recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Let's Move

Workouts that work for you—and your schedule.

Let's Breathe

Meditations that inspire, not intimidate and overwhelm.