Resolution Reset
Week 1 Overview

Week 1: Reflect on 2020

The joys of entering a new decade quickly gave way to COVID-19. Let's take stock of how to heal from 2020 so we can move foward with the bigger, better year ahead.

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Week 2 Overview

Week 2: Reset for 2021

2021 brings opportunities to reset your physical, emotional and mental health goals. New year. New approach. New you. And we're Team You.

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Week 3 Overview

Week 3: Reboot your diet

We’ll take a closer look at notorious saboteurs in your pantry and help you figure out how to create meals that satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family.

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Week 4 Overview

Week 4: Refocus your mind

With only a week to go, we'll reflect on what's working while also identifying and bypassing barriers between you and the finish line. That’s how you win in the long run.

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Resolution Resources


Resolution workouts require nothing more than WiFi and willpower.

Let's Move

Unplug to recharge. Use these guided meditations to slow down, breath deeply and enhance your Resolution journey.

Let's Breathe

Meet Your Team


Your dietitian.


Your lead trainer.


Your interfaith chaplain.