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Wound Care

Memorial Hermann Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center – Texas Medical Center

6411 Fannin St, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77030
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General Information

Memorial Hermann Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center – Texas Medical Center was one of the first wound care centers in the region and nearly 25 years later, is the longest running wound care center offering unparalleled experience in the Houston area.

About the Center:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a proven therapy which involves breathing pure oxygen while in a chamber typically pressurized to an equivalent of two times the normal atmosphere or greater. Under these conditions oxygen is absorbed and transported within the body at concentrations much higher than possible at normal atmospheric pressure. This stimulates many physiological processes such as improved treatment of infection, arterial circulation, and stimulation of healing factors for a variety of conditions.

Prior to your initial hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a physician and nurse will meet with you to discuss your personalized treatment plan and address any questions or concerns you may have. The physicians treat adult patients, even those who are intubated and in critical condition. Depending on the diagnosis and safety, pediatric patients may also be considered for treatment. All of the nurses are trained and certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

The hyperbaric chamber at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is the only multi-place chamber in the city of Houston and the only unit in the Memorial Hermann Health System accredited by the Undersea Hyperbaric and Medical Society (UHMS). The chamber is a steel cylinder that is six feet in diameter and 34 feet long. The chamber has more than one compartment, or room, known as a multi-place chamber, which allows for prompt physician access should the need arise. The main room is quite large and can accommodate up to 12 patients as well as a technician or nurse.

The unit is the only multi-place, critical care chamber on the Texas Gulf Coast and is registered with the Diver Alert Network (DAN), providing 24/7 emergency and hyperbaric services. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center has the only 24/7 emergency call Hyperbaric Medicine Unit in the city of Houston.

For information or questions contact the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit at (713) 704-5900.

Scope of Services and Treatable Conditions

The center provides state-of-the-art wound management, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy from trained medical personnel in the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit. Specialists evaluate patients with chronic wounds, as well as other treatable conditions, and formulate individualized treatment plans designed to provide maximum relief. The center offers the latest and most effective dressing and technologies, both of which assist in efficient healing of even the most stubborn wounds. Specialized physicians and staff are trained in the latest advanced wound care techniques.

The staff of attending physicians and nurses works with the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit and Lymphedema Management Center to treat patients with chronic and acute non-healing wounds.

Conditions Treated:

Services offered:

Parking Information

Convenient parking is available in several garages near Memorial Hermann-TMC:

Rates vary according to the garage; pay stations are conveniently located so that you may pay first before you leave. Please check with the specific hospital area/unit to determine which parking area is most convenient and accessible.

Hospital Valet:

Valet access is available off of Fannin Street, with access to the Fannin entrance of Hospital (Cullen Pavilion).

Handicapped Parking:

Handicapped Parking is available in each Texas Medical Center garage. For more information about hospital parking, please call (713) 704-2027.

Getting To and Around the Hospital

Clearly marked directional signage inside and outside the hospital helps patients and guests find their way easily as they move through the facility. Campus maps and hospital floor plans are available at the Information Desks located at the Cullen Pavilion entrance and the Robertson Pavilion entrance, from the concierge located in the Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza across the sky bridge from Memorial Hermann-TMC, at various wall kiosks throughout the hospital and in Volunteer Services in the Cullen Pavilion. See below for commonly requested routes.