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Sleep Center

Pediatric Sleep Center at Children's Memorial Hermann Memorial City

929 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77024
  • Mon 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Tue 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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Located in Memorial Hermann Tower, 4th Floor

General Information

Pediatric Sleep Center in Memorial CityThe Pediatric Sleep Center at Children's Memorial Hermann Memorial City in Houston is for children with restless sleep, snoring, gasping or pauses in breathing while asleep. Four beds are devoted exclusively to children promoting prompt scheduling in a safe, child-friendly environment.

All procedures are performed according to the highest medical standards using appropriate technologies for the diagnosis and management of sleep-related disturbances.

Trained polysomnographic technologists perform sleep studies at night or during the day, depending on children's sleep schedules. All technologies are registered, thus assuring the highest expertise and quality of diagnostic recordings and testing. Patients who require nursing care must be accompanied by a healthcare provider, and children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Our Children's Sleep Studies

The Children's Sleep Center performs polysomnograms in Houston for the diagnosis of:

Physiological parameters monitored include:

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Children's Sleep Disorders

Few things worry parents as much as a child who can't get restful sleep. Snoring, gasping or pauses in breathing can rob children of the rest they need and may even be signs of more serious problems. Children show symptoms of poor sleep differently than adults.

Children with poor sleep may exhibit:

To diagnose sleep problems, doctors need to evaluate each patient's sleep history and determine the appropriate interventions. In some cases, a comprehensive sleep study is needed to observe children while they sleep.

Barriers to good sleep include:

Parking Information

From Garage 5, use the Skybridge (level B of the Garage) to the Memorial Hermann Tower. Take the escalators or elevator to the 1st floor lobby. The Pediatric Sleep Center is located on the 4th floor, and a sleep technologist will greet you at the elevators. Surface lot parking is also available. Please note there is no fee for parking.

Preparing Children for a Sleep Study

Children who undergo a sleep study typically come to the Pediatric Sleep Center around 7 p.m., so they can become acclimated to their environment prior to beginning the study between 8 and 9 p.m.

We recommend that you follow your child's normal dinner and bedtime routine prior to arriving for the sleep study. Please plan to stay with your child in the Center during the procedure (one adult please). Comfortable accommodations are available for a parent or legal guardian.

The study takes about 8 hours and then the child and their parent/legal guardian may go home.

Special non-invasive electrodes and monitors attach to the child's face, head and arms prior to sleep. A polysomnography technician monitors the child's breathing, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep stages and chest and abdominal movement.

The technician tallies the results to pinpoint what irregularities were present and measures their severity.

Post-Evaluation Follow-Up

We provide referring physicians with a follow-up plan and recommendations for treatment from a board-certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist.