Viewing and Sharing Medical Images Fast and Securely

MHiE Image Gateway provides secure access to view and share medical images. Diagnostic images are available for Exchange Members as patients transition to different points of care. The Image Gateway supports the regional trauma network as well as physician-to-physician and imaging center-to-physician image sharing. Having image access prevents the need for additional studies, eliminating duplicate tests and overexposure radiation risks to patients.

The Image Gateway connects DICOM® devices, including Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS), to enable rapid image transfers. It offers a level of data security not possible with a CD or VPN. You can also launch the Image Gateway from any Internet connection to take advantage of “cloud computing” technology -- offering access anytime, anywhere.

The Image Gateway provides a secure PACS backup via cloud-based storage of medical images, presenting a low-cost option to the more expensive PACS redundancy and business continuity plans.

How It Works

MHiE Image Gateway WorkflowWith a click of the mouse, providers can access or share imaging data with other Exchange Members, including physicians, radiology groups, referring hospitals, specialists, Memorial Hermann hospitals and imaging centers.

The Image Gateway allows a secure PACS-to-PACS connection for the routing of DICOM images such as MRI, CT, CR and US. In the absence of PACS, the Image Gateway online web portal allows ad hoc image sharing between Exchange Members.

Patented “split-merge” technology removes protected health information (PHI) from DICOM imaging data, encrypting and compressing prior to sharing. When the study is forwarded to the Exchange Member, the PHI is decrypted and merged back into the image data, recreating the original (diagnostic quality) image study.

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