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Our team of high- quality affiliated physicians are developing and perfecting innovative techniques that continue to put Memorial Hermann at the forefront of advancing heart health in Houston.

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Dr. Anthony Estrera, MD and Dr. Gustavo Oderich, MD

The Next Frontier - Advancements in Aortic Surgery

Dr. Oderich and Dr. Estrera discuss what is an aortic surgery and when is it needed. The reasons…

Dr. Danny Ramzy

Revolutionizing Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery with Robotics

Dr. Danny Ramzy shares advancements in robotic-assisted cardiac surgery as well as the different…

banner of Dr. Rana Afifi

Pioneering Advancements in Vascular Health

Dr. Rana Afifi shares advancements in treating vascular diseases as well as the different types of…



Three physicians stand in an operating room.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Chronic Total Occlusion of the Coronary Arteries

Affiliated interventional cardiologists with the Memorial Hermann Health System Heart &amp…

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