HOUSTON (April 27, 2015)

Approximately 5,500 people, including 80 brain cancer survivors, recently participated in the 13th annual Run for the Rose. The 5K raised the most money in its history with $605,000 benefiting pediatric health initiatives, including but not limited to brain cancer, at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and immunotherapy research, new drug development and clinical trials for patients with brain cancer at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“It’s so exciting to watch this event grow from year to year,” said Susie Distefano, Senior Vice President and CEO of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. “To see so many people take the time out of their busy weekends to show their support is extremely moving. The success of Run for the Rose is a testament to all of those involved and especially those who continue to keep this cause so close to their hearts.”

Run for the Rose took place on a rainy Sunday, but the weather didn’t break the spirits of the participants. 190 teams were created for Run for the Rose, most of which were created in the memory of an individual.

“Seeing all of the team shirts put it into perspective how far this cause can reach,” said Sallye Wolf, executive director of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation. “Teams waved flags and held signs in honor of the brain cancer patients. Putting a focus on the survivors was inspiring to all of those who participated.”

This year saw the introduction of the Survivor Stroll, a ceremonious and emotional walk solely for brain cancer survivors. The Stroll gave all survivors the opportunity to walk a short distance prior to the start of the 5K. They were given hero flags to wave which brought attention to the most important aspect of the run: the brain cancer patients themselves.