HOUSTON (November 23, 2015)

Keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle can be hard enough, but throw a holiday or two in the mix and it can seem impossible! The season is filled with family gatherings and delicious desserts that can be both exciting and stressful. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center has some tips for relaxing and enjoying the holidays in a heart-healthy way.

“One of the common mistakes made on Thanksgiving is skipping meals,” said Sharon Smalling, clinical dietitian with Memorial Hermann-TMC. “It might seem like a good idea to forgo breakfast in order to leave room for some extra turkey or potatoes, but showing up to the meal hungry is likely to result in overeating. Eating a good breakfast with plenty of protein like eggs, yogurt or turkey bacon will leave you feeling full in the morning so you aren’t starving by dinnertime.”

Most of all, Memorial Hermann-TMC affiliated physicians and staff hope everyone enjoys a happy Thanksgiving and heart-healthy holidays.