KATY, TEXAS (April 23, 2015)

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital recently celebrated its volunteers during National Volunteer Week. Established in 1974 by President Richard Nixon, National Volunteer Week was created to recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers. Since then, the original emphasis on celebration has widened. The week has become a nationwide effort to urge people to make a difference by getting out and volunteering in their communities.

At the hospital, volunteers do make a difference. From comforting patients in their time of need to answering phones or providing directions, there is a job for everyone.

Fun Facts:

  • 146 individuals volunteer their time at Memorial Hermann Katy.
  • Last year Memorial Hermann Katy’s volunteers contributed more than 26,000 hours in various departments.
  • While the average age of the hospital’s volunteers is 65, the oldest volunteer is 91 and has been volunteering at the hospital for 34 years.

Those interested in volunteering can contact Heather Rojas at 281.644.7581 or heather.rojas@memorialhermann.org. For more information about memorial Hermann, visit www.memorialhermann.org.