HOUSTON (March 22, 2016)

The Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute Memorial City has added human performance services to its dynamic array of sports medicine experts, making performance testing, sports nutrition and strength and conditioning expertise available to competitive and recreational athletes of all skill levels in the Memorial City area.

“The addition human performance services will help both field and endurance athletes who come to us reach their sport- and performance-specific goals,” said Brian Duncan, PT, DPT, the Director of Physical Therapy Residency Programs and Human Performance at the Institute. “We’re really excited to make these services available to this area, which is home to extremely active communities.”

The spectrum of performance tests includes VO2 max testing, a metabolic indicator of aerobic fitness; body composition testing through DEXA Scan in partnership the Memorial Hermann Executive Health Program; and a resting metabolic rate test to help with weight management and nutrition planning.

“Performance testing can be a real benefit to those who are looking to get back into shape, stay in shape and for those who are training for competition,” Duncan said. “Aerobic capacity, body composition and metabolic rate can be very representative of overall fitness and overall capacity to do work and perform in a person’s sport or event.”

The addition of Clinic Director Ben Renfrow, PT, DPT, OCS; CSCCA-certified strength and conditioning coach Charlie Gremillion; and dietitian Paula Mrowczynski-Hernandez, RD, LD, complements the performance testing by giving athletes expert resources to develop a comprehensive plan for success.

Conveniently located in the heart of Memorial City, the 22,000 square-foot Institute offers a comprehensive range of sport-specific care for athletes of all ability levels and ages that includes;orthopedic injury prevention and evaluation, orthopedic surgery, including minimally invasive options;post-injury rehabilitation and physical therapyand X-ray diagnostics with convenient access to comprehensive imaging services on the campus nearby.

For more information and performance testing packages, call 713-242-2270 or go to www.ironman.memorialhermann.org.